Antonín Nesvadba - oil on canvas

Born 1954, lives in the Czech Republic. He started painting for pleasure and fun but thanks to the positive response and favourable reaction from the people around, his hobyy has changed into a professional performance.

Technique used: oil on canvas or mixed media on canvas . Oil on canvas

His works - oil paintings and combined techniques - are linked by the theme of old buildings and towns. During the years of progress he had obtained achievments and success abroad, too, and that´s why he decided to present his works on these web pages wherw you are, as follows, warmly welcomed.


  • 2013 - Gallery Patro Olomouc
  • 2006 - Trierenberg Art Rakousko Linz – Traun
  • 2005 - Galerie Wort und Bild, Wien
  • 2004 - Galerie Náměšť na Hané
  • 2001 - Galerie Skácelík, Olomouc
  • 2001 - Galerie G, Olomouc
  • 2000 - Galerie Patro, Olomouc
  • 2000 - Galerie G, Olomouc